About Me

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Hello again. Have I intrigued you? Awesome.

Ok…so about me? These are always awkward and slightly embarrassing to write. But…Here goes nothing.


Who is Kim?

Well, in a nutshell…I grew up all over the world (hence “Third Culture Kim“). This is probably why I can’t stay in one place for too long without getting anxiety and completely freaking out. I’m most comfortable when I’m on the move, and routine is my worst enemy…it was the way I was raised so I can’t help it!

I genuinely believe that we have the power to create the lives we want. Unfortunately, we get too wrapped up in our own heads and the fear of the unknown, that many of us are too scared to take the leap outside of our comfort zone. Well, that’s my goal. To continuously step outside my comfort zone and create a life I love, rather than live with the one I’m “stuck” with. In order to do that, I will continue to do what I love: travel. I believe travel makes you humble, smarter, and in my opinion, a better person overall.

With that being said, I hope to inspire other millennials to get out and challenge the societal norm we’ve created. To chase their travel dreams and explore what this world has to offer!

Where I’ve Been

Here’s a list of countries I’ve traveled to (or lived in!) so far…: USA, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Nicaragua, Belize, Canada, Barbados, France, Belgium, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Colombia, China, Jordan, Egypt, The Netherlands, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Italy, England.


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