Hello there…

Welcome to my tiny sliver of the internet! I’m glad you’re here. Whether you’re here on purpose or if you’ve just so happened to stumble upon this page…you’re in for a treat.

I’m Kim, and this is my journey.

I’m your not-so-average millennial who grew up as a third culture kid.  So far, I have been to 27 countries and I have no plans on stopping any time soon! I escaped the 9-5 office world and am looking to begin my journey as a full-time, digital nomad.

So…going forward, I will use this blog to document my travels, tips, and honest stories. I invite you to join me. Yes. You 🙂

Here you can find advice and tips on places I’ve been to based on my experiences there. I will only write advice on places I’ve recently visited…because, well, that makes sense. You can also find some personal stories…most of which are raw and inappropriate, so brace yourself.

If you’re even more curious about who I am…click here.

Let’s do this.

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